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Beauty Trends 2010 from InStyle

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Menjadi chic tidak harus tiap saat ke salon dan mengeluarkan biaya mahal. Contek gaya seleb dalam keseharian kamu.

Simple Hair Do

Gaya kuncir tinggi ala Jessica Alba ini keren banget. Apalagi kalo kamu lagi bad hair day. Sering kan kita ngalamin hal itu. Cukup kuncir tinggi rambutmu, bagi menjadi 2 atau 3 bagian, trus putar per bagian di kunciran tersebut.

Amankan dengan bobby pins atau klip rambut.

Supaya kesannya ga flat, tambahkan bando.


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“Everybody’s Fine” Movie is Fine

In hair, movie on March 12, 2010 at 6:43 am

When everybody’s lying, it was fine..

That is my own tagline for “Everybody’s Fine” movie i watched last night.I bought this DVD two days ago, since i watch the trailer in E! Entertainment about a month. I interested cause of the cast, Drew Barrymore and Robert De Niro. I thought it will be a good movie when they were in.

Ceritanya sangat menyentuh ketika Frank (Robert De Niro), seorang duda yang ditinggal istrinya meninggal 8 bulan lalu, gagal menyatukan ke empat anaknya yang”berserak” di beberapa negara bagian amerika, New York, Chicago, dan Las Vegas. “If no one come after me, i’ll come to you”, kira-kira itulah tekadnya ketika ke empat anaknya tidak ada yang datang menemuinya.

Akibat penyakit jantung yang dideritanya, ia tidak boleh naik pesawat. Akhirnya ia menemui anaknya satu per satu naik kereta api. Perjalanan yang tentu saja tidak mudah bagi orang yang sudah berumur. Frank akhirnya dapat menemui ketiga anaknya, Amy (Kate Beckinsale), Rosie (Drew Barrymore) dan Robert (Sam Rockwell), namun ia tidak dapat bertemu dengan anak bungsunya, David.

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Me in Vintage

In accesories, celebrity, hair, make up, shoes, style on March 11, 2010 at 12:45 pm

Hello guys,

Vintage !! Almost every girl loves vintage style..

Couple of months ago, before i was married, me and my husband took a pre wedding shoot and i don’t have clothes actually. I don’t know why i wasn’t in the mood to fashion. And then i try to put on some shirt, skirt, and something in closet. So, in the end, i wore white shirt, blue skirt (and sometime become brown because infra red touch), big belt,  and brown pumps. Hope it vintage enough for you..

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Black Hair is Eternity

In hair on March 11, 2010 at 9:16 am

Maybe some people like to change their hair color in many times, with brunette touch, red, plum, or even blond. For me black hair is truly the best, because it shows the glam of the hair, and oftenly black hair shows shine itself. This couple if weeks i totally envy with Kim Kardashian’s hair. It look so shiny, glam, and chic. She totally goddess, her hair is amazing. Another celebrity hair that i adore is Vanessa Hudgens.

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